Sunday, March 29, 2009

We're alive!!

Hey everyone,
Don't worry we are alive and in a place called Lovina Bali. Just enjoying the surroundings. I was sick with a fever for about a week, so I wasn't up for much blogging, but Ryan took good care of me, and I'm better now. (Hows dengue fever for a souvineir?)
Anyhoo, we rented a car from one of ryans friends who lives here, and have been tooling around the island. Got into a crazy little fender bender. This guy on a motorbike, rear ended us, he was going so fast head on into our bumper, I thought he'd be dead. But the dude was alright, just a little dirty. He smiled and we went on our way.
Meeting lots of interesting people, and seeing some amazing sights. I'll post more pictures soon!
Love love!


  1. Jill, Ryan;
    Glad to hear from you. Don't know what that fever is. I will have to look it up. You two are always on our mind, just like the song says.
    Love ya
    Gma & James

  2. Hi Jill,
    I was very glad to hear from you. Fever and a fender bender. That makes for good memories. Definetly send those pics of Bali when you can. Take good care and keep us posted.
    Love Mom

  3. Hi Jill and Ryan,
    Dengue can be pretty nasty, glad you had Ryan to take care of you. I was wondering what had stoped the blogging...but you are ok now and enjoying the new places. Love to you both.
    Beby (Mom)

  4. Aren't you glad you didn't have to the whole exchanging insurance crap?

    Glad you're up and moving again

  5. Hi Jill and Ryan, Glad to hear from you! We thought there was a disturbance in the force.
    You guys take care and have fun.

  6. hey, glad all is well, when you get back we'll get you tested for several fevers...
    love you,

  7. Hello Jill and Ryan,
    Don't forget to use DEET very important in those areas...even if you have to bathe with it. Love you and stay well.
    Beby (Mom)