Friday, April 3, 2009

Hey Hey!

LOng timey no bloggy. So where did I leave off. We rented a car from ryans friend its a funny little car, almost like being in a stronger golf cart.
We spent the balinese new year with Oka's family, apparently its 1931 here now.(: We went with his sister and brother in law to their temple, they had made and given us our own traditional hindu ceremonial wear. It was really interesting. They played music, and danced for about 4 hours straight. This one lady was in a trance, and they boogied all around her. The eye movements in their dancing is really amazing. Side to side, and wide eyed. At the end they brought out all this ornate puppetry, and offerings, put them on their heads, and took it to the next temple. Really cool stuff, and despite the occasional child laughing at how out of place ryan and I were, everyone was so nice, and wanted to make us feel as comfertable as possible. At one point they made us sit on the offering table, because they saw how fidgety we were getting sitting on the concrete, crosslegged for four hours. Still felt kind of strange sitting on the offering table. The language barrier can sometime be a funny thing, a lot of nodding, wide eyes, thumbs up kind of thing. A totally different expierience. The next day was a day of silence, where no one on the island of Bali is aloud to leave their home, turn on a light, drive a car...that kind of thing. Really creepily quiet out, except the occasional rooster.
after that, we wanted to get out of Denpasar for a couple days, and drove up to northern Bali, to a beach called Lovina. Stayed at this amazing seaside bungalow for 6 buckaroos a night. Hot showers included. Pretty awesome. SOOOO as some of you know already, while Ryan and I were going for a midnight swim that night, he asked me to marry him, and slipped a ring on my finger. Apparently I had been carrying around said ring the entire time. Guess he knew my backpack was the last place I would expect to see it. SO we're engaged! Yay! Probably a summer or so from now, so I'll keep ya posted. the rest of the time we spent there was awesome, black sand beaches, really cool music (although I think I've heard enough eagles covers to last a life time)
Bummer though, the last night in Lovina, we lost my Debit card, the card all of our money was on. Sans our travellers checks, we were screwed for getting out of Lovina. no gas, no money, but wait! I found some remaining Thai BHat, 350 of it. However, no one would exchange it, it was too little. Until we found this western union. where that came from, I have no idea, they exchanged it for 75,000 rupiah. 7 US Dollars. That was enough to get us back to Denpasar. Hooray! But when we got back to Oka's house we found the house locked up entirely. His neighbor informed us that he had to rush back to seattle. She got him on the phone for us, and we confirmed it was true. But his cousin would be back soon to let us in. Once he got back, we tried to call my bank to cancel, No worky. So went down the street to make the long distance call, 5 minutes and 6 dollars later, they cancled my card, and said it was on its way...two days. Soo that was two days ago, not here yet, but these things take time I suppose.

The past couple days we spent at Ryans freinds house Ron. He blows glass here, so ryan worked for him one day, and Ron for him the next. I spent the days with rons new wife. We talked, and ate, the coolest part was the talking though. She is a Muslim woman, and I remember thinking before the trip how I really want to get the Muslim woman perspective on the religion, as to me there seems to be little reward in it. She is an amazing person, and opened up my eyes alot to the muslim religion, and religion in general.

well thats it for now. Thanks for reading this far, guess alot has happened since the last post.
Take care!


  1. Yeah and Crap! I'm sure any of us will get you money if you need it. let us know!

    Congrats on getting hitched!

  2. Hi Jill and Ryan...we are soooo happy with the wonderful news!!! what an incredible trip you are experiencing. Yes, if you need money we are in also as your brother stated. Good news to know Ryan had time to blow glass. Take care and be happy. Love Beby (Mom)

  3. Hi Jill and Ryan,
    Could you possibly squeeze any more excitement and adventure out of this trip? Congratulations on your engagement. I am soooo happy for both of you. The proposal sounds very romantic. I hope your new bank card showed up. Please let us know if you need help with some money. I am really glad you were able to experience the temple and learn about the religion. I can't wait to hear more about your experiences.
    Take good care,
    Love Mom

  4. Holy cow! Congratulations, you guys! Piling on the excitement!

  5. It took a trip across the world to discover what you had found at home all along. Congratulations, life is a miracle and trial all wrapped in an ancient Indian blanket, stay warm and happy. Love Dad

  6. Yay for getting hitched!!

    I would love to see all of America so completely silent for a day - what an awesome experience that must have been for you!

    I love that you're taking advantage of your time there to get to know so many different cultures and customs. It seems to me that the more we are exposed to the differences of people, the more we realize just how alike we actually are.

  7. Holy Toledo, what an experience. Glad it was only the card lost. LOL If you need anything, I will be glad to help. Looking forward to talking with you. Right now I am getting ready for Church ,Palm Sunday. Have filled plastic eggs for the children's egg hunt next Saturday. Take care, and can we dance at your wedding? Ha Ha
    Love and Hugs Gma

  8. Jill and Ryan, I'm so happy for you two! Can't wait until that great day! Meanwhile, Have lots of fun!


  9. Hi Jill,

    How about another post? How are you both doing? Did you get your bank card yet? Hope your having a great time.

    Love Mom