Thursday, March 5, 2009

southward bound

Right now we're in the bangkok bus station, with about 5 hours to kill before our overnight bus leaves to ko samui. An island off the southern coast of thailand.
Vietnam was fun. The first day we went to the war remants museum, and both ryan and I agree it was an insightful as it was riddled with communist propaganda. I understand its from the vietnamese perspective. However, it was very blame oriented...which is understandable, but there is nothing like being thousands of miles a way from home to give you a undeniable patriotism for your country. No matter what your opinion is, if the war was right or wrong, you cannot take away from the sacrifices that were made by our soldiers. And the shit that they saw...well, Thank you, for risking your lives for us. I have nothing but respect.
The next day, we went to Dam sen waterpark. CRazy fast water slides. This one slide in particular was like a giant toilet bowl, that pooped you out like a big human sized byprodruct. I have to say that one hurt a little bit. Other than that it was like 4 dollars each for food tickets and the bus ride there and back for the day. Awesome!
The third day we went to the Cu chi tunnels, the same feelings came about from the first day. But to crawl in those tunnels were crazy. Just barely big enough for me to crawl through.
The final day we flew out of ho chi minh to bangkok. and now we are here, waiting to head to the beaches again...Overall we really liked saigon. It was much more commercial than I had anticipated. WE met some really cool locals, and the city was just beutiful full of parks and cheap transportation. The Food was the best food I had had in a while. WE even tried this dehydrated squid that they flatted like a pancake for was salty and went really good with beer. Ryan Got shoot an M60, and was pretty excited about that. It just hurt my ears, no wonder so many vets are apretty much deaf, my ears are still ringing.
Oh and no I haven't burned yet, but I'm definatley tanner than I've ever been!
WE'll be staying like 5-8 days on the islands, then its off to Kuala lumpur where we fly to bali, for a good thirty days.
LOve you Guys


  1. Wow what a cool bus ride that's going to be to an island! get some pics of that! Glad you survived so far, and even happier you continue to write about it!

  2. Hi Jill,

    Amazing!!! It sounds like your both having a great time. The water park was probably a welcome and fun reprieve from the heat. Some salty squid and a far off island. I think that's the name of a book I'm reading. I love you and take care.
    Love Mom
    p.s. Just wanted to say "Hi" to Ryan's mom :)

  3. It sounds like you are going to many uninhabited, wild places away from the beaten path of tourist. I could almost sense the feeling at the vietnam memorial. Nice to hear you are trying many of the local foods. Stay close in Kuala-lampur, not friendly to Americans. Love to you both. Beby (Mom)
    p.s. Hi! Linda!