Sunday, March 8, 2009


Here are some random pics from our trip. The beach in Sihnoukville, my first pina colada, Ry and I waiting for bus in cambodia. Skull with bullethole, from the Khmer rouge, pic of the tower of skulls, Ryan getting the Hot cup treatment, me with a delicious coconut and rum, our first motorbike, ryan going down the slide at the water park. That Oughta tie everyone over for a while. Love Love!


  1. WOW cool! What was the result of the hot cup treatment?
    Sweet bike.
    my my what a little tunnel.


  2. Hi Jill,

    Yeah, great pics and looks like fun. I am glad you explained the hot cups. I had not seen that before, and I was very curious. What was that hole you were standing in? The coconut and rum looks good.:) Take good care.

    Love Mom

  3. Cool, I don't know why but the hot cups really bugs me... gives me nausa.. glad you are having fun.

  4. about the hot cups,is it like accupunture? You are the best travelers by far, experiencing some of the cultural ways of the places you are visiting. Can't wait to hear all the details. Take care. Love, Beby
    p.s. give our love to Ryan

  5. I saw that hot cup thing on a show called "Three Sheets" - this dude travels all over the world getting drunk with the locals, then does the local hangover cure. The hot cup treatment was one hangover cure that he did in an episode. Was that what was going on here?

    I'm intrigued about the hole you're standing in...

  6. Dad Have you done hot cups before? The treatment Is supposed to bring out the toxins in your body...however, ryan felt pretty much the same...guess it just feels like giant hickies on your back. it was cool, for bpoth of us to get street massages, and ryans hot cup treatment was 100,000 dong...6 bucks. The hole I'm standing in is one of the entrances into a sniper hole that the vietnamese used during the war. Soooo small. Man my lips are sunburned