Wednesday, March 18, 2009


After a long unrelenting Journey, we're finally in Bali. Only been here two days now and have already seen so much. When we got off the plane in Bali, we were met by two smiling faces holding a sign reading JIll, and in little letters Oka. It was My Friend Oka's cousin and freind coming to pick us up. They had oranges for us, and took us back to Oka's house. It was so nice to meet them and see oka, and be in a nice house, where you could just relax. After hanging out for a bit, we all walked over to Oka's aunts house,where they had this big meal waiting for us. Steamed pork in Banana leaf, noodles, rice, fried pork,steamed fruit...Really good food. We just hung out after that, all of laying on the porch with his whole family drinking beer, smoking, shooting the shit.

The next day was a big Hindu celebration, where families get together, go to their families temple, and hang out. We Ended hanging out with Oka's cousin Dawan, he took us to a rice paddy, to a place in a river with 200 year old carvings...and to a Cock fight. yes, a Cock fight. There we're about 300people people there, all malemight I add. So not only was I the only white person, but the only girls, Guess the girls don't like it much around here. Anyhoo, It was pretty interesting,They tie super sharp blades to one talon on the rooster, get em all riled up, and one usually kills the other withing 3 minutes. The cool thing is that the one that dies is plucked and butchered immediately, and they all eat the rooster during the ceremony later that nothing goes to waste. Everyone is gambling, yelling, it was the craziest thing I had ever seen.

Kinda resting today. we're going to a Hindu ceremony tonite from 11pm to 5am, we're there are lots of local traditional performances. One of which, is actually a trance dance, where the men stab and pierce themselves with swords. Crazy, trippy, cool!?
Love you all!


  1. Wow Jill, it all sounds so interesting. That must have really made you smile to see your name on the sign. Can't wait to see some pics of Bali. I can't believe how much you have already done in just 2 days. I am very interested in hearing about the Hindu ceremony and trance dance. Sounds fascinating. So how did the rooster taster?
    Take good care. Love Mom

  2. Guy will be jealous beyond words to find out that you've watched a cock fight and he hasn't.

    There's nothing like good eats and good folks to make a person feel welcome!

  3. I am so happy you have finally reached your destination...what a warm reception you received. I am just as interested as Linda about the Hindu ceremony, can't wait to hear all about it. Enjoy Bali and send pic's. Give our love to Ryan.
    Love, Beby

  4. Whats up jill....still alive?

  5. Hi Jill,

    How you guys doing? How about another blog, email, or pics? It's been a while. Take good Care.
    Love Mom

  6. Hello Lady Jill,
    Ditto...waiting for more exciting news.
    Take care,
    Love, Beby

  7. Hi Jill
    Waiting for another blog. Miss you and Ryan a lot. Thanks for the post cards. Love you lots. Gma