Friday, February 27, 2009

Last day in Cambodia

We've been here in sihanoukville for about aweek, and although its beautiful its time to move on. It seems as though with every awesome moment, there are equally terrible moments.

Like for instance, the other day we rented a scooter and zipped down to this distant beach, away from all the beggars and pushers. And in the middle of this pristine beach, there was a beach bar called the Ska bar! So of course I was excited and we went in. For my freinds who like ska as much as I do, I tell you this place was paradise. Thatched hut beach bar, seriously 20 feet away from the ocean. Coconut coladas, and some awesome first and second wave ska blaring from the speakers. So we went up to the bar, and no one was there, but we saw people milling around the side with their hands on their we thought, well maybe we should go. A few minutes later two ói ska punker looking dudes from brittian came out, one with near tears in his eyes. The one who wasn't yet teary, asked us what we would like. We ordered two beers, and he filled us in..
"sorry bout the wait chaps, our last dog up and died a few moments ago..'
turns out that some theives in the area are going to such lengths as poisining peoples dogs, and once your gaurd is down they come to rob you...
These guys had five dogs to start and this last one was holding on, so they thought she would make it, but she didn't.
we couldn't believe it, they could belive it but were exasperated all the same. Apparently this happens quite often.

Things like that have been revealing cambodia to us throughout the week. The beauty, the warmth, the poverty, the lies...its quite a paradox.
At any rate I'm glad we've come to see this place, and now its on to Ho chi minh. Hopefully internet is a little faster there, and I'll post more pictures.
Chhers for the ears!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


WE got to Sihonakville today. Absolutley Stoked. And yeah Robb after a tower of skulls, it was awesome. And I have to say That in the states I would never order a Pina colada, but I had to have one here. it was awsome.
The gulf of thailand water is like bath water, and there are white sandy beaches that go on for miles.
we'll be here for a few days before heading to Ho Chi Minh city in vietnam. So I love you all, and will post more pics soon.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Okay camera cooled down, and I have to pay 4,000 riel no matter what any way so here are a couple more.
Ryan trying grasshopper in bangkok

And ryan trying tarantula in cambodia. I had a couple legs...actual not to bad...tasted like hairy jerky.

a picture

Hey also I finally figured out how to upload some photos. However, for some reason this computer that my camera is plugged into is making it really hot, and it kind of hurts my fingers. So here is one for now, of my at angkor wat...more to come! When I get to a decent computer.
Love love

Capitol city

Hello! we are in phnom penh right now. The capitol of bangkok. We got in yesterday, and spent today going to the killing fields, and tuol sleng. The killing fields we're heavy, as you approach the main part of the field they have a tower about 8-10 stories tall, just filled with skulls. Most of which (if they didn't die from malnutrition or exaustion) Have bullet holes in them.

But other than that the capitol city has been cool. We met up our friend Molly's Brother who lives here, and took a moto ride with him around the city and then out to dinner. I have to say, I was impressed with his driving here. The way people drive here is absolutly lawless. We went to a spanish restaraunt with him, and I had my first dose of cheese(or really anything dairy) since we got here....the funny thing is, that was the first time I got sick here. I think the lack of cheese for ten days, and then ordering the cheesiest plate there was, probably wa'sn't the greatest idea. Oh well back to rice and noodles.

We'll be off on another bus tomorrow to sihanoukville tomorrow. Yeah, I don't know if I mentioned how crazy hot it is here....well it is. So tomorrow the beaches in south cambodia will be a nice repreave.
Till next time!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Its a holiday in Cambodia

Cambodia, is sobering. The ethnic cleansing that took place here only thirty years ago remains heavy on the hearts of the people here, as it should, and you can feel it. Apparently I learned last night from an expat, that finally the trials of the government in charge began yesterday. 30 years later... another sobering fact is that the temples of Angkor is owned by an italian corporation, and none of the income made from the temples go to the cambodian people. $20 dollars a month is the average income here, think about if even just a percentage of that went to the cambodians? the rightful owners of the temples.

Anyhoo, on a lighter note...Getting here was a scary adventure. wait thats not was however, exciting. Getting our visas and passport stamped by the unblinking, snail speed moving officials was racking my blood vessles, as was everyone elses on our bus. At least we were all in the same boat.

Okay but seriously, once that was over, I was relieved to find that cambodia people have been some of the warmest, and most smiling people I have ever seen. Despite the social unjustices that opress them to this day.

Regardless of the political situation here, the temples were amazing! Did you know tomb raider was filmed on location at The temple of Ta Phrom? Interesting little tidbit.
I will post pictures soon. I promise. Kind of..I'll try at least.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Cambodia Bound

Wow another blog. Two days in a row. Not too shabby eh. Pretty stoked on this travel agency I found with free internet. Rare since most places charge 10 baht a min. thats roughly 35 cents a minute. What can I say I'm pinching my pennies, and I'm awesome!

Yesterday we made our way to north Bangkok to a giant street market called Chaccchichoooognee....or something like that. Anyway it was huge, the view from the sky train looked like it coverd about...50 to 1,000,0000 acres...I don't know I'm bad with numbers. Kind of like how have known shannon for 50 years or so.(: Anyhoo...saw some awesome things there. points of interest: the guy talking to his grapes as if they were a cell phone, two thai girls interviewed us for their school project, and we ate fried Grasshoppers. I should say ryan ate grasshoppers. I bit into the head of one, and got all shakey and spit it out. I truely thought that I would be able to do it, but as I reached for the fried fellow, I grabbed it like it was still alive. Ya know like that fast jerky grab...then as I was holding it the decision to bite into the head (face as I saw it) Or the butt (pooper) I opted for the head,closed my eyes, chomped down... It tasted like sun ripened shrimp, with a fingernail crust. Just couldn't do it, my body wouldn't allow it. Ryan on the other hand ate them like they were cheetos.
So after the market we took antother Tuk-Tuk( three wheeled 2 stroke moto taxi... dude. First you should know that the traffic in Bangkok is obscene. There are no rules. There are lanes that mean nothing, roundabouts, and although the roads are two way, the Tuk-tuk drivers have no regard for this, and will drive head on into opposing traffic, dodging a collision by seconds. Nobody cares, its normal here. It was was awesome. I wouldn't drive here, but so far the Tuk Tuks are my favorite mode of transportaion. However, we are going to take a river boat to china town today, So that should be cool. Apparently they are cheaper than the Tuk tuks. Tuk tuks, are about 80cents-to 2 bucks to get across downtown. So cheaper than that? I'm in.
Well Thats about it for now. As I said we'll be making a 13 hour bus ride to cambodia tomorrow, couple of days there, then its on to vietnam. Will keep you posted, as I heard Phnom phen (capitol of cambodia) is'nt a place you want to stay too long, so until next time!

Friday, February 13, 2009

We're Here!

Well after a 20 hour travel day, we are finally in bangkok Thailand. We met some pretty interesting people already. This guy from new york that warned us of the boys with "pretty faces", I think he had been fooled into paying for a male prostitute before. and was abit hung up on it. Seriously though the sex trade here is pretty unreal. People every where offering a bargain.
We are staying on Khao san road, in central Bangkok. in a hostel called Sweety, or sweaty, not to sure..but it has a fan, and a mattress, a hole to go to the bathroom in, and beer. So thats awesome.
Jet lag hasn't quite caught up to me yet. We got in last night at midnight, and after we had found a place toi stay, we were up till four or five, 85F at four in the morning, I do not miss the snow! Today going to head up to the this weekend market in northern bangkok, we're prices are supposed to be very cheap. Cheaper than here is hard to believe. Although we did pay the same price for a round of beers as we did for our room...I know what you're thinking "that beer must have been awesome!" Well, it was. I love you guys. I'll try to get on here once a week or so...
Oh by the way, Jay, my book is awesome!

Toodle loo

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

All packed

Well we're all packed, said our goodbyes, and just waiting for thursday! Its snowing in seattle right now, so hopefully it won't stick, and we'll be able to get to the snow! Later!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

hey all!
This is where I will keep you all posted on our travels. We leave in a little over a week to Bangkok. So excited! love you all, and I will do my best to keep y'all informed!
Love love,
Jilly mc"almostthere"stein