Friday, February 13, 2009

We're Here!

Well after a 20 hour travel day, we are finally in bangkok Thailand. We met some pretty interesting people already. This guy from new york that warned us of the boys with "pretty faces", I think he had been fooled into paying for a male prostitute before. and was abit hung up on it. Seriously though the sex trade here is pretty unreal. People every where offering a bargain.
We are staying on Khao san road, in central Bangkok. in a hostel called Sweety, or sweaty, not to sure..but it has a fan, and a mattress, a hole to go to the bathroom in, and beer. So thats awesome.
Jet lag hasn't quite caught up to me yet. We got in last night at midnight, and after we had found a place toi stay, we were up till four or five, 85F at four in the morning, I do not miss the snow! Today going to head up to the this weekend market in northern bangkok, we're prices are supposed to be very cheap. Cheaper than here is hard to believe. Although we did pay the same price for a round of beers as we did for our room...I know what you're thinking "that beer must have been awesome!" Well, it was. I love you guys. I'll try to get on here once a week or so...
Oh by the way, Jay, my book is awesome!

Toodle loo


  1. Glad you made it! no selling sex! no buying sex!

  2. Yeah, you better not come home with strange Asian STDs! haha Lifting a beer to you!

  3. Sounds like your off to an interesting start. Watch out for those pretty faces and funny smelling holes in the ground. :) Take good care of each other, and have fun.

  4. Ryan's mom said..glad to know you made it. we'll follow your progress...keep us posted and be safe!