Saturday, February 21, 2009

Okay camera cooled down, and I have to pay 4,000 riel no matter what any way so here are a couple more.
Ryan trying grasshopper in bangkok

And ryan trying tarantula in cambodia. I had a couple legs...actual not to bad...tasted like hairy jerky.


  1. That's Ryan!...lots of protein in those grasshoppers. Make sure to try the frogs in Vietnam. Enjoying the pic's and the discriptive documentary. Give our love to Ryan and ask him if it is or facebook. Take care, Abrazos, Beby

  2. OH RYAN!!! Wow!!! All I can say is Floss? I think there is something in your teeth. lol !!! Jill, your blog and discriptions of the places you visit are vivid and enlightening. Keep em coming.
    Love Mom

  3. Are there shots that go with them? Or some chocolate dipping sauce!