Saturday, February 21, 2009

a picture

Hey also I finally figured out how to upload some photos. However, for some reason this computer that my camera is plugged into is making it really hot, and it kind of hurts my fingers. So here is one for now, of my at angkor wat...more to come! When I get to a decent computer.
Love love


  1. Jill thanks for being our eyes in Asia since I have not been there. Tell Ryan I am posting his pics on my refrig. as a way of discouraging eating. Keep them coming. Hope you are able to write a book when you get home. Hugs from Gam

  2. Jill, you look fabulous of course. Very photogenic. I would say you have a promising career as a new travel show guide, and could replace Samantha Brown easily. You could show us all how to travel on a REAL budget. I can't believe you are actually standing in front of Angkor Wat. It's amazing. Enjoy!!!
    Love Mom

  3. I second what your Mom said - If I actually shelled out the cash to pay for cable television I'd totally watch your travel show!