Saturday, February 21, 2009

Capitol city

Hello! we are in phnom penh right now. The capitol of bangkok. We got in yesterday, and spent today going to the killing fields, and tuol sleng. The killing fields we're heavy, as you approach the main part of the field they have a tower about 8-10 stories tall, just filled with skulls. Most of which (if they didn't die from malnutrition or exaustion) Have bullet holes in them.

But other than that the capitol city has been cool. We met up our friend Molly's Brother who lives here, and took a moto ride with him around the city and then out to dinner. I have to say, I was impressed with his driving here. The way people drive here is absolutly lawless. We went to a spanish restaraunt with him, and I had my first dose of cheese(or really anything dairy) since we got here....the funny thing is, that was the first time I got sick here. I think the lack of cheese for ten days, and then ordering the cheesiest plate there was, probably wa'sn't the greatest idea. Oh well back to rice and noodles.

We'll be off on another bus tomorrow to sihanoukville tomorrow. Yeah, I don't know if I mentioned how crazy hot it is here....well it is. So tomorrow the beaches in south cambodia will be a nice repreave.
Till next time!


  1. Cool Pics! Can you get a skull as a souvenir? The beach would be nice after looking at a tower of skulls...and maybe also a stiff drink to forget about the tower-o-skulls. Thanks for keeping up on this. We all love it.

  2. Yo Jill & Ryan. Don't drink the water Ha, Ha.

  3. Hi Jill, this is my third try to send needed to sign in to post. Thanks for being our eyes since we have not been to Asia. You will have to write a book when you get home along with pics. tell ryan that I posted his pics on our refrig. to prevent snacking.(Ugh)
    Love Gma

  4. Hi Jill,

    Awwwww, no more cheese for you! Noodles and rice are healthier anyhow.:) Glad to hear you guys hooked up with your friend. I am sure he was able to show you some places that you weren't aware off.
    Love Mom

  5. By the way, phnom penh is the capitol of cambodia. not bangkok, a city in thailand...I must have been tired